Ishimile Katehwe 's testimonial

  • This is one of the best hospital in UAE. Among other great doctors and nurses I met when I recently visited ER, Dr. Brian Mtemererwa, Endocrinologist Consultant and ER Staff Nurse Lloyd Fernandez took good care of me given my state of health. I was diagnosed with pneumonia due to covid 19 attack. Unfortunately my medical insurance didn't approve my request to admitted as inpatient. Both of them made sure I was comfortable. They medically and psychologically assisted me all the way until I left the hospital. As if that was not enough, the two regularly checked on my wellbeing and gave me health advice. The hospital surely needs more people like Dr. Mtemererwa and Nurse Lloyd.

    Even though I moved from Sharjah to Dubai, I will keep going to Sharjah for medical care. I have referred many people to this hospital. All had their babies perfectly delivered at this hospital. NMC Royal Hospital Sharjah is the best 👌 ❤