Verified Patient 's testimonial

  • I wish to express sincere thanks to our ER team and Dr. Wedad Nabih Ahmed for taking care of me when I was sick with Covid. I had pulmonary involvement with elevated D dimer, high CRP and CPK.

    The ER doctors Dr. Sulfi Rahhumathulla, Dr.Mohammed Salahuddin and Dr.Sona Rajan assisted me with immediate pulmonology consultation.

    Appropriate medications were started by Dr. Ahmed El Mansoury and Dr. Wedad Nabih Ahmed. Everyone was so kind and I could feel God’s presence in every doctor. The sisters in ER were very caring, knowing I was positive for Covid, I was filled with gratitude every time when they checked my vitals, spoke to me with concern and took nasal swabs.

    I understood the meaning of the word Frontline Warriors which is very apt for Doctors and Nurses who risk their lives to protect patients with their care.

    I wish to thank Dr. Prachet Kulkarni who suspected and diagnosed the problem for me and Dr. Brian for managing me in the initial phase of my illness.