Rochelle Brit 's testimonial

  • Hi, My name is Rochelle Brit. I am mother of the triplets who are about 2-3 days old now. The issue I had is since it is triplets, that the one set is identical and the other was fraternal. So I had twin boys and a girl. There was a fear of the boys having an issue and danger to their lives.

    So I started off with meeting Dr Hermann who is a fetal medicine specialist and my experience with him has been real beautiful. He explained everything and he was very thorough and very professional. Any questions I had he answered it.

    In fact he was very accommodating and he is a very busy person honestly speaking. But many a times, he took my appointments and sat with me even after his duty. Then, he introduced me to Dr Rizmee Shireen, who is my Gynaecologist.

    Dr Rizmee is a person who I can say is someone who I am very comfortable with. Someone who I can talk to, ask many questions and she will answer with a smile. I feel very comfortable with her and she has done my delivery, my c-section delivery. She is very relaxed and more like sister than a actual doctor.

    Overall with Al Zahra I love my experience, this is my third day here and I feel like home. But it has been just beautiful, so if anyone wants to come, please come. This are the two doctors I have told you about.

    Very great experience. Thank you