First MicroPulse-Laser for managment of Glaucoma in NMC Royal Hospital by Dr Ahmed Shabana, Specialist Ophthalmology

First MicroPulse-Laser for managment of Glaucoma in NMC Royal Hospital by Dr Ahmed Shabana, Specialist Ophthalmology

Dr Ahmed Shabana has successfully introduced the newest technology in glaucoma treatment world wide which is MicroPulse Laser without need for interventional surgery.

Glaucoma is the second leading cause of Blindness world wide affecting more than 60 million people world wide. Control of glaucoma has been always been with medications or if not controlled with such medications will need incisional surgeries.

Through the pandemic of COVID-19 and the risk of spread of infection during surgeries, it was a dilemma for most doctors to find a way to treat glaucoma patients that could not be controlled with medications, and this is why we had to look for alternative methods of treatment that will be successful and carry lower risk to the patient and the doctor.

This 8 year old boy presented to our clinic suffering from childhood glaucoma that appeared shortly after undergoing cataract surgeries for congenital cataract, he has underwent multiple surgeries for both his eyes and left him with advanced glaucoma with high pressure and very poor vision in the right eye, although he has been on full anti-glaucoma treatment yet his pressure was poorly controlled (29mmHg), risking loss of all his vision in this eye.

As we were during the COVID-19 pandemic and all elective OT procedures were stopped and the AAO (American Academy of Ophthalmology) had recommended to stop all intraocular surgeries as it has higher risk of spread of infection to either the patient or the staff.

All current situation and options were discussed with the father and recommended to use the new Micro-Pulse laser as a quick and safe and non-invasive surgical option.

The surgery was carried out in less than 5 minutes and child was discharged on the same day.

The patient presented the next day completely comfortable and with reduction of pressure inside the eye with more than 40%, child and father were very happy with the result.


Treating complex glaucoma cases, especially in children and especially during the global pandemic is a very challenging, because you have a lot of factors that limit your choices and your tools of management and this is why having the experience and know how of all the new modalities in treatment will help you chose the best solution that fits the patient needs at such specific time.

Micro-pulse laser for glaucoma has come out in the recent years to be a safe and quick treatment option in specific cases that when picked precisely will lead to outstanding results with minimal side effects and a very quick recovery period.

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