Verified Patient 's testimonial

  • I visited Gastro doctor - Dr Hiba last Saturday and she was great. She had asked and listened to my history, attended to all my concerns very well and fully explained my situation. I appreciate that unlike other doctors, she is not in a hurry and really took time to talk, listen, explain and answer everything. She is nice and comforable to talk to. Thank you Dr Hiba! Thank you also to the very accomodating Nurse. I am really glad that it was Dr Hiba that I visited. 😊

    And Ms. Jincy from Radiology did my Barium Swallow yesterday. She was extremely pleasant and comfortable to talk to. Gave me clear instructions, answered my questions well and guided me with the procedure with outmost care. I appreciate that she was not only helpful, but very patient with me as well. It made feel at ease, more relaxed and not nervous throughout the procedure. Kudos to Ms. Jincy for being very professional and exceptionally amazing. 😊