Verified Patient 's testimonial

  • It is said that God sends angels to help in times of need. When my husband and I were admitted for covid care at Royal NmC hospital Sharjah, we saw angels all over the place!

    Our utmost gratitude is to Dr. Brian and team for bringing us back to life, health. Dr. Brian was always one up ahead of his game and covid had to lose ;)

    Ms. Anjali and her team of nurses in the covid ward were our pillar of strength. They were so inclusive, compassionate and reassuring that the panic of being struck with covid was overcome with the healing power of their love and care. They never flinched to check our oxygen numerous times just for us to feel better, told us their covid success stories, joked, all the time healing us.

    Heartfelt gratitude to the waitresses and staff from cafeteria who used to bring hot water so many times to help us soothe the throat. Their positivity and cheer was so infectious, that they left behind a smile on our lips, every time they came. The housekeeping staff who came over and transformed our place like little fairies!

    Not to mention, support from cashier, administration desk and customer care. All these only reinforce that the management and team at Royal NMC Hospital, Sharjah has brought back humanity in this noble healthcare services. Deepest gratitude and god bless!