Patient Okebugwa Osinachi’s Mother 's testimonial

  • We came to Al Zahra with expectations and you guys exceeded all our expectations

    Everything from the start to the end was really good. Ms Kala has been an excellent support during our entire stay, from the time we reached the airport till discharge she has been really really good.

    We came to Al Zahra Hospital Sharjah with mixed feelings. I was scared whether I will go back with my daughter alive or not. But I am now really happy, the surgery was done very well. The doctors kept coming to check. The physiotherapists were excellent. The nurses were caring and were prompt at all times regardless of night or day. The receptionist were good and the driver was good as well.

    My daughter was really well taken care of. The recovery is progressing really well so I am very happy. God helped us through our stay at Al Zahra Hospital Sharjah. God used Dr Ahmed Hakeem’s hand to fight this battle for us. We hope to come someday soon for Breast Reconstruction Surgery next time.