Ameen 's testimonial

  • I had come to NMC Royal Hospital, strongly recommended by family members to seek consultancy and remedy for my knee issues with the revered Dr Deepak Bhatia. The renowned Surgeon. He extended great courtesy and empathy for my problem. His assistant, a very kind and astute Doctor, Amit Gupta was also there for advising me and helping as much possible.

    A week after consultancy with Dr Deepak Bhatia, the insurance company kindly relented over to allow my surgery to be pursued. The latter is attributed to the unremitting efforts by Dr Bhatia. Undeniably!

    Dr Bhatia, the wisdom and professionalism he owns over his subject is unmatched!

    Surgery was undertaken with most care and in a meticulous manner that I had never witnessed before. This Hospital was like science fiction, a different epoch from the future.

    Post surgery care was entrusted to nurses in the ward13. They were like angels in presence and constantly checking upon me. So knowledgeable and talented that I was impressed. The overwhelming factor was their care and affection towards patients. I was bed ridden because of this major surgery; movement was not possible but they took care of me. All during my stay, I never ever felt my being incapacitated. I have no words to express my gratitude to them.

    Next day after the surgery I was able to walk on my own. Allah Helped me. I realized that Allah Has His Vicegerents placed on earth to serve mankind. Prominent amongst these noble ones are listed below;

    Dr Deepak Bhatia, Dr Amit Gupta, Dr Ayman Hussain, Dr Faisal, Dr Omar and Nurses of Ward 13 - Mariyah, Nisha, Nimisha, Sibi R, Reeja, Shyni, Shintu, Manager of Surgical Ward and Physiotherapist Dona Dolly.

    The food was served to me on time and of my choice by Divina Luna. More nice and kind people whom I don’t remember by name. I wish you all a Happy Long Life and Allah Bless you with Health, Faith, Wisdom and Aafia and Award you courage to serve mankind.

    Love you all.