Ten valuable tips for a successful pregnancy from conception to delivery

Ten valuable tips for a successful pregnancy from conception to delivery
  • If you plan a pregnancy, first give yourself some time for detoxification ( nicotine, medication), start a healthy diet, normalize your weight, and replenish the folic acid stores in your body
  • If you found out that you are pregnant, plan your first visit to the doctor at approximately 6 weeks to have your pregnancy confirmed. At six weeks, the embryo’s heartbeat can already be seen and heard by ultrasound. However in case of vaginal bleeding and / or lower abdominal pain you should seek immediate medical advice to make sure that there is no complication such as ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage.
  • As you probably know: the incidence of the most common chromosomal anomaly trisomy 21 (Down’s syndrome) increases with maternal age. If you are 35 years or older (but also as a younger mother), you might want to have reassurance that your baby’s risk for chromosomal anomalies, mainly Down’s syndrome (trisomy 21), is low. From 10 weeks onwards, your blood can be tested for trisomy 21 with almost 100 % accuracy. Ask your doctor for cell-free fetal DNA testing!
  • Do not miss the 1st trimester scan around 12 weeks! At this time, the baby’s crown-rump length (CRL) lets us know his/her exact age. We will need this information later in pregnancy to make sure that baby’s growth matches his age! We can also detect many serious fetal abnormalities in the 1st trimester. In twin pregnancies this is also the best time to determine the ‘chorionicity’ of the babies: mono-chorionic twins are at risk for certain complications during pregnancy.
  • Now it is also time to arrange good care for your pregnancy. Choose the doctor and the hospital where you want to deliver. Leave the care for your pregnancy in your obstetrician’s hand. “Doctor shopping” would be a mistake! Keep a file with copies of all medical results with you when you go to an appointment, and ask your doctor to give you a maternity booklet where she/he will enter all important results during your pregnancy.
  • Between 18 and 23 weeks of your 2nd trimester, your doctor should refer you to a fetal medicine specialist for a detailed ultrasound scan. At this pregnancy age, all organs of your baby are fully formed, and ultrasound visibility is better than in the third trimester. Your baby’s gender can be reliably confirmed now.
  • Since your appetite is back to normal again, you should monitor your weight increase. 12 kg weight gain during the entire pregnancy should not be exceeded. Obesity is unfortunately associated with more pregnancy complications!
  • Between 28 and 32 weeks of your pregnancy, you should make sure that your baby is thriving! This is best done by a fetal growth and Doppler ultrasound, again with a fetal medicine specialist. This scan gives a clear picture of the placenta function which is essential for the baby.
  • Now you have advanced into the 3rd trimester. It’s high time for making plans where you want to deliver (airlines will transport you only until 36 weeks), and how you would like to have your baby (birth plan). Go for parental classes, if possible with your husband! A vaginal delivery after spontaneous onset of labor is certainly the best option, but sometimes not possible due to certain medical conditions. A discussion with your trusted obstetrician will help you find your way, and peace of mind.
  • Pregnancy and delivery are natural processes. They unfold miraculously and conclude in the most delightful event: the birth of your child! Positive thinking and trust in your ability will help you to reach there. Your team members – husband, midwife, doctor- will support you

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