Mr. Mirshad Vattiyam Veettil

Mr. Mirshad Vattiyam Veettil Audiologist

Practice Location:

Areas of Expertise:

  • Newborn hearing screening
  • Peadiatric Hearing Evaluation, Hearing Aid selection, Programming and Fitting
  • Assessment of hearing and balance in both Adults and geriatric population including Audiometry, Tympanometry and reflex thresholds and Speech Audiometry
  • Electrophysiological tests like ABR, ASSR, Electrocochleography and VEMP
  • Vestibular Evaluation including Videonystagmography(VNG), VHIT and Dynamic Posturography
  • Positional Nystagmus Testing and Performing Canalith repositioning maneuvers for various cases of Positional vertigo
  • Tinnitus Evaluation, Pitch and Loudness matching

Languages Spoken

English, Arabic, Malayalam, Hindi and Tamil

Mr. Mirshad earned his Masters in Audiology and Speech Language Pathology from Calicut University, Kerala, India in 2009.

Mr. Mirshad started his career in Tellicherry Co-operative Hospital as an Audiologist after finishing his Bachelor degree in the year 2007. After completing his Master degree he worked as a Lecturer in Audiology in AWH Special college, Calicut, India for 3 years and then he moved to UAE and joined NMC Royal Hospital Sharjah in 2013. He has 12 years of working experience in the field of Audiology.